Landline (9.30am - 4:30pm): 0151 709 2994
24 hour line: 07740 149899

The HUB ‘One Stop Shop’

For Victims Families of Homicide and Culpable Road Death

One Wednesday 3rd July we will be holding our coffee morning – group meeting from 10.30am. These meetings usually run for about 2 hours but there is no restriction on the time that you need to arrive. Just come along when you can. We will be giving out the full details with timings for our Day Trip out to Chester, which is all free.  These day trips out to Chester have always been a huge success. It is good to get out away from your normal day. You do not need to call us, just ring our door bell, we are here. We can also help you with any issues, questions and information as our wrap around services are also on hand to help and guide as they too will be qualified in their own field.

We must not forget that we also have our children’s group OLLY as we believe every member of as homicide family or culpable road death family that children also need support. OLLY offers children days out, breaks away as we believe every child should be allowed to be happy, have fun and be allowed to sing.

If you need any further information from The HUB and the valuable work that it offers please call 0151 709 2994 you can also visit our other websites