Landline (9.30am - 4:30pm): 0151 709 2994
24 hour line: 07740 149899


A Gateway to Support for Victims Families of Homicide


A Voice for Victims Families of Homicide

Why The Hub

As a victims mother of homicide, I have learnt over the years what is failing within the support network for victims families.


The Hub is a drop in centre with information and support under one roof. We understand the issues affecting a victims family of homicide.


To bring a positive feeling to the victims families of homicide in knowing that there is now a place they can go to be heard, advised, referred onwards (if required).

Our Support

The Hub is a drop in center providing Support After Murder and Culpable Road Death to all family members. Information and support all under one roof.


Advice and Guidance


Counselling Service


Liaison with other Partners


Trusted Referral Network


Judicial Process Support


Refer onto Peer Support


“After I lost my partner I was left to bring up my three-year-old son. I took myself into a very dark place, I was told about the HUB and went along. I am now a member of FFFJ as the HUB referred me to them for support and my son is a member of the children’s group OLLY that the HUB referred me to.
Without this connection I do not know where I would be today”

“I lost my husband to murder. My VLO from the National Probation Service
referred me to the HUB and I spoke to Jean Taylor over the
phone and then came along to the HUB, I was given information and guidance.
My 11 grandchildren are all members of the children’s group OLLY by the HUB who referred us to in-house.
I find it a welcoming friendly place who seem to know how I felt. I wish this had been here for me and my family long ago”

“I was a victim. I was in awful housing conditions. I was informed about the HUB.
My two boys are now in the children’s group OLLY. I have since been rehoused thanks to Beverley who addressed the housing department. I now enjoy coming to the HUB whenever I need to talk or ask for information.
It is a valuable source of information for victims knowing you can call in anytime 5 days a week and know that someone is there. Extremely helpful”

Landline (9.30am - 4:30pm):
0151 709 2994

24 hour line:
07740 149899


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