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The Hub

Support After Murder or Culpable Road Death

At The Hub, we recognise that each family member’s journey through grief is personal and complex. We are dedicated to offering bespoke support, connecting them with other support available that is best equipped to handle their specific circumstances.

The Hub is a drop in centre with information and support under one roof.
We understand the issues affecting a victim's family of homicide.

Our Goal for All Family Members

Our aim is to instil a sense of reassurance and positivity in the families of homicide victims and those impacted by culpable road death. The Hub serves as a sanctuary where they can be heard, advised, and, if necessary, referred to specialised agencies. We understand that each family member faces unique challenges and requires tailored support.

Our involvement goes beyond the initial referral. The Hub maintains ongoing communication with the agencies to which you are referred, ensuring we can effectively monitor your progress. Our goal is to confirm that you are receiving the support you need and that it is beneficial for your specific situation. We are committed to overseeing every step of your journey, providing assistance and understanding to ensure you have the right support to meet your individual needs.

The Hub: A Voice for Families Affected by Homicide and Culpable Road Death

The Hub’s Vision for Comprehensive Care for Families of Homicide and Culpable Road Death Victims

Why The Hub?

As a mother who has endured the loss of a loved one to homicide and as an advocate for those affected by culpable road deaths, I have come to understand the critical gaps within the support network for these victims’ families. Despite the admirable efforts of many agencies, a key component is often missing – a centralised resource offering comprehensive support under one roof.

Challenges for Families

A major challenge faced by these families is the delayed or complete absence of essential information and support. The needs of each family member are distinct, and grief manifests in various ways. This lack of tailored support can lead to several challenges, such as:

Misuse of Alcohol

Misuse of Drugs

Reduced Motivation

Weakened Confidence

No single agency can address all the complex needs that arise following such tragic losses, whether due to homicide or culpable road deaths.

The Hub – Filling the Void

The Hub is designed to fill this void by compiling a list of agencies, each specialised in their respective fields. After engaging with a family, The Hub will assess their specific needs and guide them to the most suitable agency.

Our role extends beyond initial referrals. The Hub will closely monitor each family member’s progress, ensuring constant communication with the involved agencies. We will also collaborate with the National Probation Service, Victim Liaison Officers (VLOs), and the Merseyside Police Homicide Section & Family Liaison Officers (FLOs), among others.