Landline (9.30am - 4:30pm): 0151 709 2994
24 hour line: 07740 149899


The HUB, Families fighting for Justice and OLLY would like to assure all our members and those wishing to seek our support, advice, guidance and information we are here to let you know that we are still in operation, delivering our services as best we can in these concerning times with the outbreak of Corona Virus 19. We fully understand how it is hard on families who will be restricted to not only movement but also finding it hard to find certain items of food and essentials.

We have been delivering from the kindness of Lyndsey packed lunches to our many OLLY children, delivered to their home while adhering to the rules set out down by Government.

The HUB a ‘One Stop Shop’ is still in operation, again adhering to the rules set down by Government. We will make sure we are three meters apart from any other person. We have our sanitizer. We will contain any such visitors in one room, only allowing no more than two at a time, again keeping a three-meter distance.

Our 24-hour phone line is still in operation as busy as ever.

We also going to give you a list where you can buy items in the cheapest places:

Lidl – London Road – has a reasonably good stock of most items.

We will continue, as we have always done for the past 13 years helping and supporting the most vulnerable in our society. We have always believed that every single member of a homicide family or culpable road death suffers and carries their pain differently, this is why we also have our children’s group OLLY.

The charity will always remain a voice for the victim’s families.

Please stay safe, please do not go out unless it is necessary, please wash your hands for 20 seconds regularly as we have been told soap and water washing for 20 seconds is as good as any sanitizer.

Please call us on 0151 790 2994 or visit our Facebook pages, leave us a inbox message even if you wish to off load your thoughts you can do this privately on our websites:

Or inbox us privately on any of our Facebook pages.

We are sure that this pandemic as our scientists work across the world tirelessly to find a vaccine. We pray to god that that will be soon but until then we must think of our NHS by doing so we only go out if really necessary.

Stay Safe from everyone here at Families Fighting for Justice, the HUB and OLLY