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24 hour line: 07740 149899


It is with the greatest pleasure that we have on board with OLLY Mr Jake Bowness. Jake has come into the OLLY team highly recommended; his qualifications and references are of the highest regard; we are lucky to have him. We would like to say a huge thank you to Jake and Vicky for the meeting we have yesterday Monday 6th July. Jake has worked all his working life attending University but also in practice for many children’s organisations. He is also qualified as a mental health worker.

We now also have an extra driver which now gives us Vicky, Lyndsey and Dave and Tommy. The OLLY team has never been stronger. As we know Vicky also has an abundance of qualifications at Level 8.

Thursday 9th July we will be making 150 more lunch boxes and 100 chicken dinners so families who are struggling can have a roast dinner on Sunday. Our amazing OLLY team will be there making sure everything is prepared and ready to go for Friday morning. Our chickens will be delivered 9.30 Friday morning frozen from our spectacular butcher.

We will keep you all updated for the clearance for camp, we have purchased three toilets and tents for them to go in. As soon as we can have a meeting in The HUB we will give you the update where you can come in and discuss further. During this pandemic we have still been up and running and using this valuable time to plan, organize, prepare as we move forward as always, our main aim is the wellbeing of all our OLLY children. Please if you need anything for us information or guidance please call The HUB on 0151 709 2994 we will be there on hand to answer your calls or in box us on Facebook and we will reply right away. Thank you