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While bustling shoppers were wrapped up in the seasonal rush, a young boy, out for his Christmas shopping, did something remarkable. With the innocence and generosity that only a child’s heart can offer, he approached the OLLY Santa Drop collection location, outside Primark, Liverpool city centre, with a gift, not for himself, but for the children of the OLLY group.

This gesture, simple yet profound, was a beautiful reminder of the innate goodness in people – a stark contrast to the acts of violence that have unfortunately touched the lives of the children we support at OLLY.

We often speak of teaching our children the values of kindness and compassion, but sometimes, it’s they who teach us. This young boy, in his small but significant way, showed what it means to give unconditionally.

To the young boy, whoever and wherever you are, everyone at OLLY sends their heartfelt gratitude. You’ve not just given a gift; you’ve given us all a priceless lesson in humanity.

From everyone at OLLY.

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