Landline (9.30am - 4:30pm): 0151 709 2994
24 hour line: 07740 149899

Over the Festive Season

The HUB our ‘One Stop Shop’ commissioned by our Police and Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy has never closed during the lockdowns, we have had to adhere to all the rules laid down by Government. also adhering to the rules, we have been giving out free of charge PPE packs as we understand how these items can be costly.
Our charity, thanks to our valuable sponsors Jamie Carragher and Montse Benitez for their kindness. This has enabled us to deliver over 4000 lunch boxes and dinners to families spread across Merseyside in our red minibus wearing PPE.


Wednesday 23rd December Open 9.30am – 3pm closes then reopens 4th January 2021

Our 24-hour phone line will be ongoing, as we understand that the Christmas period can be one of the hardest times for families who have lost a loved one from homicide or culpable road death. Losing a loved one when you cannot give them a present is another added pain, but we are here for you.

The HUB will open its doors again on Monday 4th January 2021 at 9.30am. Our hours will then continue as normal.

However, if anyone needs our advice, guidance or support we are here to help you with understanding. You can call us on 0151 709 2994 or our 24-hour phone line 07740149899 or you can call to The HUB no appointment needed just ring our doorbell.