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9th August 2019


When some of our O.L.L.Y. children left The HUB at 6 Anson Street, Liverpool, L3 5NY on Monday 5th August which you can see by the photos, the excitement and smiling faces of those children. The HUB offers a wrap around service, one of those services offered within The HUB is referrals into our O.L.L.Y Children’s group.  This group O.L.L.Y is unique, we know only too well that to lose a loved one from acts of violence is without doubt, a different kind of loss and grief than losing a loved one from an incurable illness, losing a loved one to acts of violence often instills into that family anger, O.L.L.Y steps in with the support that it offers, so no child suffers in silence. O.L.L.Y provides from the referrals from The HUB so many many memories for these children, taking them away from their usual environment, building memories, giving them respite, is certainly a major part of support.

O.L.L.Y also includes children from communities spread across Merseyside, where there is deprivation, poverty, high crime rates and younger generations that have become lost to that way of life. O.L.L.Y will include them so they can see firsthand and hear from their new found friends the devastation and sadness that taking someone’s life brings.

To allow us to deliver this valuable work and support, we rely heavily on funding and sponsorship. To those who fund us and those who have sponsored us, our hearts cannot thank you enough.