Landline (9.30am - 4:30pm): 0151 709 2994
24 hour line: 07740 149899


Families Fighting for Justice are going to run a new program for Victims.
The induction will start on Tuesday 27th July at 6 Anson Street, L3 5NY.
This Program is for victims to help you Re-build your future to help you to get back, to regain your life, to help you to know and understand that you are not alone.
The induction will start at 9.30am but don’t worry if you arrive late sometimes when you’re in your dark place you cannot keep to time appointments.
If you are reading this and think you would like to come along then we can include you on our pick up service. Just call 0151 709 2994.
You will be dropped off back at home. No one should ever be made to feel they are a victim. Make that call