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Families Fighting for Justice, members, trustees and management committee members are extremely pleased that ‘HELENS LAW’ is now going to be put through into statute which will then go into our law books. This law ‘Helen’s Law’ will mean so much too so many families where their loved ones bodies have never been found because the perpetrators did not reveal where they had put their victim’s. ‘Helen’s Law’ has brought hope, our founder,  Jean Taylor who has never found her daughter’s body Chantel.  Denying the rights for Chantel’s  body to be blessed and buried, no one has the right to take a human life, no one has the right to deny a body the right to a burial. Families Fighting for Justice will always agree that justice must be served, therefore ‘Helen’s Law’ ‘No Body No Parole’ will not allow those perpetrators to keep to themselves the whereabouts of their victim’s.


Families Fighting for Justice applaud Marie McCourt in her commitment, determination and all those who stood with her shoulder to shoulder, all those who signed the ‘Helen’s Law’ petition and certainly to The Justice Minister Michael Gauke .