Landline (9.30am - 4:30pm): 0151 709 2994
24 hour line: 07740 149899


The HUB delivered by Families Fighting for Justice is the first of its kind a ‘One Stop Shop’ for victim’s families of homicide and culpable road death. The HUB is a place in the heart of the city of Liverpool based at 6 Anson Street (off London Road) Liverpool L3 5NY. You do not need any appointment just come along and ring our door bell. The HUB will welcome you and listen to your needs and we will make sure that you are supported in the right way with the right people. The HUB can refer you for Peer Support into Families Fighting for Justice the charity which is victim led from the loss of loved ones. The HUB can also refer any of your children if you wish to into our unique children’s group OLLY  We believe and understand that the help a family that has lost a loved one in such tragic circumstances the whole of that family must be supported which is why the OLLY group is an essential part of that support. The HUB will listen, help and guide you, make no mistake about that. Please visit The HUB website Or just ring our door bell you do not need an appointment because we understand you cannot always keep appointments, this is why The HUB offers a no appointment system. Do not suffer in Silence. You may not be able to talk another family member because you do not want to upset them any further, we are here to listen. Please call 0151 709 2994